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the beautiful destruction

Monday, April 18, 2005

You Limey Cocksucker

Well, the weekend is over. My schedule was packed full of things to do, however, the end summary: uneventful, very uneventful. Oh well, not every weekend can be filled with magic and mirth. Michelle and I, along with our friends Tim, Ben, Karen, and Dave, went to see The Shins play on Friday night. This was post-drinking, so of course we were being loud and generally acting like fools. We also met up with some other friends along the way, which quickly gave creedence to the notion that drunk and sober people really don't mix all that well.

Anyhow,The Shins were performing at Carnegie Mellon's spring carnival. The scene was a bit of a clusterfuck (clusterfuck in this case = weird and mismatched conglomeration of people packed together in the same physical space). The sound was bad, but we were tucked off to the one side of the stage, which is not the optimal spot for viewing or hearing a live performance. And when did CMU became like Animal House? There were frat boys and the girls of Delta, Delta, Delta everywhere. I always thought CMU was oozing with rocket scientists, mathematical geniuses, and dudes that can build robots that will eventually take my job. Oh well.

However, the evening wasn't a total loss, because if you were wondering what fashion trend is hot among the kiddies, I've got The Goods. Come closer... ready? Here it is: Preppy collars. Ha, I know, right. How do I do it, you're wondering—stay so fresh while everybody else gets so stale? Yes indeed. You know the M.O., don't act like you don't. It's the three button polo (preferably Le Tigre) with the turned-up collar, preferably worn in a pastel hue. This IS the next big thing. You heard it here first (and don't worry, I had my disposable camera in my fanny-pack, so I have the pix to validate this fashion alert). And I'm not one to pat myself on the back, but... What's that? Oh wait, it's not cool? Shit. But I... Oh, it's lame, kinda MTV-inspired, whore-culture... yea? Kanye West did it first? I thought that motherfucker was known for having his jaw wired shut, and selling lots of records. So this style has been around for awhile? Really? Oh nevermind. I'm always late on this shit.

On to bigger and better things. Here's just some random stuff that I thought some of you folks might be interested in. My friend Peter sent me this link: Kayak vs. Killer Whale. And speaking of dope photographers, check out Peter's work when you have a minute. Also, I am fucking addicted to Deadwood right now. Incredibly well-written, superior acting, and I've never heard so much cussing in a one hour timeframe... you fuckin' limey cocksucker. Err, sorry. This coming weekend is the Pittsburgh Comicon. Look for copies of Young & Reckless (edited by me, Mr. Newton) on sale at the Phantom of the Attic booth.

That's all for now.


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