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the beautiful destruction

Monday, May 02, 2005

Love Your Freedom? Thank A Republican.

My stomach is twisted in a tight knot this morning. And not your basic knot... I'm talkin' some intricate Boy Scout or elaborate nautical type shit. The source of my anxiety is simple to decode though and rather fucking boring at that: morning traffic, Monday madness, and looming deadlines.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Pictured: Stencil done by London street artist Banksy.

But as I was arriving to work, I was treated to some crazy Republican humor. It was a bumper sticker, plastered to the bumper of a giant SUV (how surprising) that read: "Love your freedom? Thank a Republican."

Now, I'm not endorsing that I rail against Republicans this morning. Because honestly, I don't give a fuck about their beliefs. Sure, I don't care for their penchant for religious insanity or desire to puncture holes in Alaska's coastline (all in an attempt to pursue oil that will just run out... fuel cells you ignorant dicks. Or how about hydrogen? It's not a pipe dream anymore... although civility between two pompous political parties is). But the Democrats are no better, just a bunch of disorganized hacks.

But what insults me more, is the fact that any political party be so egotistical and self-absorbed to believe that they have anything to do with freedom. For a country forged in the blood and suffering of revolution, we have become such a wimpering mass of bickering fools... too concerned about the interests of lobbyists and doing favors for one another that The Work of The People is now a myth. Nobody can see that we should work for the greater good. I'm so sick to my stomach with hearing red state/blue state babble. That's just water cooler speak for young professionals who want to pretend they are politically active by slapping a pro-Republican or pro-Democrat sticker on their car.

Lately I feel so disenchanted with politics that living in a Unabomber-style plywood shack sounds about the best option. And though I'm not one for quoting song lyrics, Sage Francis has a great line that pretty much sums up how I feel today: "I'm not right wing or left wing, I'm the middle finger."


At 9:33 AM, Anonymous dirty big-eared bucktooth said...

Good job, jerk-ass. You bought the hype. You were not following the entire republican party on the turnpike. You were following ONE Easter Lily who does not know the election is over.
I have no patience for intolerance, and I hate groups of people who generalize.
Now, stop tailgating me during your commute and get back to work.

At 9:46 AM, Blogger Matthew Newton said...

I may not have been following the entire Republican party, but I was following its core voter, its mindless minion who shoots a squirt of shit in its drawers when Jesus' name is taken in vain. And that's the danger. Intelligence is not a prerequsite for purchasing a bumper sticker or pulling the lever in a voting booth.

At 11:20 AM, Anonymous dirty big-eared bucktooth said...

Wrong again, turd-butt. The observation you made was not of the core of the party. The core, by definition, would be the people in the middle - the bulk of the group - the mindless, wishy-washy masses in the middle. They barely take the time to vote, let alone muss up their shiny new ride with a sticker. If the core were so motivated, you would see 50 million bumper stickers and more than 50% of registered voters would have meandered to the polls back in November. The core is the lump you never see and don't have to take the time to loath.
Very few Republicans are the fudge-shorted, right wing, give a hoot, live in a basement bunker crackpots like myself. I wouild imagine that both of the big parties have the same percentage of nut-jobs, do-nothings, sheep and devil's advocates.

At 12:26 PM, Blogger Matthew Newton said...

Turd-butt? Come on. Indeed you are correct, the true bearers of Republican (and Democrat) power are not the pencil-pushing, numbers-crunching folks speeding to work in the HOV lane each day. Yes the majority of opinion-makers undoubtedly come from trust fund lives and have coasted into public power on the coattails of another. However, these "minions" I speak of are the folks who sometimes make daily life unbearable (and sometimes rather comical.. i.e. bumper sticker lady in the SUV). My point is, as a whole, how are Republicans OR Democrats truly serving the general electorate? They aren't. They've strayed too far from their focus, if they ever even had one. For example: The right always bashes the left for being idealistic... I don't even see that trait in the democratic party anymore. I just see a group of desperate men and women scrambling to get organized. And I see the Republicans as revising history and systematically dismantling our democratic system.

At 11:12 AM, Blogger scribe called steff said...

Some days, I'm even happier to be Canadian.

We still have real freedoms. It's not just a suggestion on peper. It's not peppered with moralistic exclusions like, "You're free to do anything you want. But don't give him anal sex, because that's BAD."

For lack of a better example.

It always saddens me when the US is all bent on their freedom and claims they're bringing freedom to the Iraqis and shit, but the reality is, it's as stifled by religion these days as some of the more moderate Middle Eastern countries are.

A dark time for the US. We could be on the brink of election, depending how the non-confidence vote the national Conservatives are trying to rig works out. As it stands, we got a a possibility of ONE member of parliament being the swing vote between whether an election must be called, and probably lost by the liberals in power, or whether we keep the status quo.

And riding on it all is the fate of gay marriages being legalized and marijuana being decriminalized, both of which are already in the works, but the Conservatives would stop the minute they got in.

I'm pretty antsy.

Because I fucking hate conservatives and republicans.

You wanna give me freedom? Give me freedom from you.

At 2:01 PM, Anonymous dirty big-eared bucktooth said...

Aaaaw, poor oppressed little soul. Perhaps I may alleviate some of your frustration with a little knowledge. Freedom is not doled out by a government like subsidies and food stamps. It is no one's to give. It is endowed by our Creator. We have freedom because we are human. Any government may only restrict or take away the freedom to which we as humans are entitled. That is where the term conservative comes from - one whose goal is conserve our inalienable rights. Therefore, a true conservative would not care who you married or what you did with another consenting adult.

"Because I fucking hate conservatives and republicans."

He who angers you, controls you. Free yourself my beloved sister.

At 3:51 PM, Blogger Matthew Newton said...

Ohhh... this is heatin' up again. And just when I thought this post had retired for a dirt nap.

So here's my question about the current conservative cronies in power: Why have they strayed so far from their core ideals then?

When you look at what Republicans and Democrats believe in, there are actually some sound principles on both sides... however, neither party holds hard and fast to its ideals. More should be asked and more should be expected of these public officials.

And... where are the "true conservatives" you speak of my dirty big-eared bucktooth friend? Have they hidden themselves? If they truly belive in conserving our inalienable rights, why are they so dismissive of lifestyles that are different from theirs (i.e. gays and lesbians)?

Here's another thing... why if you are registered as an independent can you not vote in the primary? Anybody? It seems a stupid loophole. It was never stated in the Constitution that no more than two political parties were allowed.

At 4:42 PM, Anonymous dirty big-eared bucktooth said...

I don't know the answer to your first question. I bet the answer in is the bottom of the pockets of a lot of fat guys.
As for the 2nd question, they are all over the place. I just hung out with about 20 of them a couple of weeks ago up fish camp. Where have you been looking?
I think your last question is state-specific. I believe some states have more open primaries.
That is the reason I am not registered as an independent anymore. To vote in the primaries, I pretty much had to pick a party and it sure as heckfire wasn't going to be the party that last filibustered civil rights legislation.
I think the best solution to keep these discussions from becoming arguments is to talk about specific issues and not focus on groups and third party individuals. When you discuss the specifics, you are likely to more closely identify problems. Those problems, when brought to light will spawn the growth of solutions instead of rhetoric and the constant repeating the word nucular.

At 12:52 AM, Anonymous Little G's mum said...

Simply put: "Can't we all just get along?" Ugh.

At 9:54 AM, Blogger Matthew Newton said...


I value the discussion we're having and definitely don't look at it as an argument. And I agree it should stay as far away from the generic and the generalized as possible... I consider ours to be intelligent discourse. If you look at the crux of what I've said in this blog entry, it really concerns my personal goal to avoid apathy. As of late, I really don't feel connected to the politics of our country. And I think that is because I am from a different generation.

The people in power now grew up with a different system of morals and social expectations... all of which were composed of such extremes. i.e. the radical thinkers and peaceniks from the 60s (today's bi-product: watered-down democrats who's only current political power IS the type of filibuster you mentioned), or the straight-laced, God-fearing business types (today's bi-product: a distorted and warped Xerox of the Republican party from Lincoln's era).

It's all tragically-flawed. I think we need a strong third party to bubble up and keep the other, far- too-comfortable-in-their-own-mediocrity
in check.

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