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the beautiful destruction

Monday, May 01, 2006


oh the glory of it all

Last Tuesday night, after traveling on far too many planes (big and small), and waiting for unreasonable amounts of time in several different airports (fuck US Airways), I finally returned home to Pittsburgh. As I tiredly trudged my way through the terminal and back to baggage claim, the cover of a book in the airport bookshop caught my eye. Now, admittedly, I was originally checking out the graphic design -- as I really love the design of the book's jacket. But once I began reading, I fell in love with the story, penned by McSweeney's editor Sean Wilsey.

Of course, I haven't completed the book yet (I'm actually only about a third of the way through it now). But the story, which is a memoir, truly has a unique voice. Wilsey powerfully straddles the fine line between satirical humor and heart-on-sleeve earnestness with what appears to be little effort. So yes, I recommend picking this book up, even though I haven't finished the damn thing yet.

Must get back to work...